• Kidz klub!
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    Kidz klub!

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    Now that society is collapsing, Everything Is Terrible! is reborn with their new and fantastical expedition into found footage... but this time the adults can stay home! EIT! has unearthed thousands of forgotten DVD & VHS tapes aimed at yesterday’s youth to bring you their most mind-melting movie...

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  • The Great Satan
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    The Great Satan

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    Since the dawn of time, man has searched for answers... and failed. But the fog of existence has finally cleared thanks to the eternal fruits of EIT!! With their longtime collaborator Lucifer, Everything Is Terrible! has ingested over 2,000 satanic panic, religious kook, and D-horror VHS tapes. T...

  • EIT! Presents Internet 1.0!

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    This 20-minute megamix of technology's greatest boners, bloopers, and oopsies will have you giga-ramming your data space with laughter!!!! This download also features an hour of tech-related EIT! hits!

  • What A Great Crowd!

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    A psychedelic, beat-driven ambient video experience made entirely out of audience reaction footage from comedy VHS tapes. This was shown as the seating video on the Two Head Cleaners and a Microphone Tour! Great for your next creep party! Available here and nowhere else!

    Scored by Short Pocke...

  • Comic Relief Zero! & What A Great Crowd!

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    So, what’s the deal with Comic Relief Zero!? Sit down and shut up, so we can tell you! But seriously folks, sit down and shut up, because those dumb-faced, giggle-grabbin’ goof-troupers at Everything Is Terrible! are dishing out a stand-up comedy special! This special is the opposite of special; ...

  • EIT! Does The Hip-Hop Vol. 1: Gettin' A Bad Rap!

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    To prove we're still 'with it' and 'urban,' Everything is Terrible! has taken the entire history of co-opted cool, and bashed it together into one continuous mix that will not only please your earballs, but also your eyelobes. Can we B real 4 a second? Everyone knows rap music is best when perfor...

  • Everything Is Terrible! Ultimate Combo

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    Includes access to all eight full-length films. Everything Is Terrible: The Movie + 2 Everything 2 Terrible: Tokyo Drift + Doggie Woggiez! Poochie Woochiez! + The Everything Is Terrible Holiday Special + EIT! Does The Hip-Hop! + Comic Relief Zero! + The Great Satan! + Kidz Klub!. It's more than o...

  • Everything Is Terrible: The Movie

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    Now you too can own the legend.
    Everything Is Terrible: the Movie is absolutely jam-packed with face-melting Terribleness, including:

    EIT’s first ever feature length video mixtape!

    Tons of viral video favorites from the EIT archive!

    EIT’s famous 3-minute movies!


  • 2Everything 2Terrible 2: Tokyo Drift

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    This is it. It's finally happening. Your entire life has been preparation for the mind-altering truth you now hold in your grubby hands. With 2Everything2Terrible2: Tokyo Drift, EIT will lead you on a vision quest through the VHS wilderness to the heart of the American dream. Prepare yourself for...


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    Those krazed VHS-hunting pupz from Everything Is Terrible! (everyone’s favorite found footage chop shoppe) are back with their third inner-eye-opening feature, containing a feat never before attempted in either human or canine history. EIT! asks but two simple questions, “What if we make a movie ...

  • Holiday Special
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    Holiday Special

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    O'er the last 5 years EIT! has built upon their classic Holiday Special, each year creating a more abominable video collage of everyone’s least favorite time of the year! A millennium's worth of VHS memories of misplaced sentimentalities, fist fights over toys for tots, erotic Santas, Nazi elves,...